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Bloodshot 05:00
I get down frequently like narcoleptic eyelids Youngblood horticulture with, um, music hybrids This rhyme is making sky high kids YB-or-die kids Know the power of a question but don't ask what the time is Call me Sure Shot no need to pack a gun So much fire in these arms when I drum you see the sun Second to none when it become time to ignite Never pick a fight but always ready to battle with the mic As a sprite I was bright despite slight height I don't indict know wrong from right take flight through mental might Not trite I can't bite incite fright with the light My eyes focus so much cats call me four-sight I write my rhymes in red the universal color Youngblood keep flowing til I die ascend or other Damn straight I love my mother and these YB-boy brothers Connecting through music microphone horn or drummer One night I'm kicking it backstage after a show rapping with this cat about how far it could go we both agreed that this music isn't about the dough then he turned to me and said 'Yo, you do blow?' I'm like whoa slow down hell no He's like 'You don't know kid, I gotta go kid' I almost jumped up and kicked this sucker in the chest Talking like I'm not the best because I could pass a blood test My nose don't bleed even when I sneeze I spit more info Than a row of asthmatics reciting Co-Flow I get down instead of high thus my consciousness rose I'm bold like a man selling snow to eskimos Listen up because I don't talk through my nose We gonna make this world right for unborn embryos Fortunately there's cats like me Kweli and Mos Focusing on educating instead of hating our foes With the competition wishing they were deep sea fishing Dropping lines so hard to grasp octopi on mission Defeat those machismo egos split 'em up like fission Imprison YB foes and give my prose pole position I'm a musician it's my life and what keeps me sane Catch me checking Chopin Branford and Tain or Coltrane We gotta master ourselves y'all there's no one else to blame Birth to death and back Youngblood keep flowing through my veins
Turn it up time to burn it's the sound of the unlearned we bomb with that acousticon sousaphone yo bring it on ring your mom and tell her Youngblood got you singing different songs moving throngs deep fry bands like wontons you thought you kicked it like YB back in the day you're wrong and we keep marching on whether you recognize it or not we represent the presence of the essence with level-minded lessons the underground offensive sentences take out contestants never resting unless hip-hop culture be manifesting DJ Skooly's on the cut
Da Bomba 05:17
Bless tracks like Carl Lewis but that's not why I do this / Just one of the newest breed of inspired MC's / What transpired when these eyes saw the future of a nation / where the student-teacher bond is brought to you by Playstation / my failed education was predicated on racial hatred / now transcend like faith while history books don't really say shit / spitting space is sacred so I introspect to spray it / now you witnessing me praying so don't question this embrace it / let's face it all we're ever graced with is the present / people living scraping resin trying to talk to me about heaven / yapping about fire don't make up for skills lacking / cats are still slacking even after karma smacked them / the question isn't if so and so got soul / because that's some wack cosmos / a cultural black hole / but light shines whether you see through fate or Carl Sagan's eyes / it's past time we woke up from this complacent paradise / and unlearn
Extended suspended notions of victory O litany of statistically satisfactory batteries Of success, cause we glitter on the TV sets Get it off your chest (yeah I said cracka) Now I've seen spirits flip breakbeats From termite hills by baobab trees Flippin' MCs back to Senegalese Incantations Human beings flash back to Matter and matter is music I saw Prince roll out on the gondola of soul down the Mississippi in '83 Straight down to the source Saw the delta open like a lovers palm and The song spread out in the wind, back over the ocean See I Shape-shift with my free speech Rearrange new cultures every day of the week but The economy's rough like powerpuffs and Dr. Katz animation so How the fuck you gonna make it through these amalgamations of nations It's all bullshit quickly fallin' apart like Puzzles that never work from the start so You better grab on to your heart and realize There's just a little bit of pie left And those slices like crumbs, kay All you suckers looking for apples In a world of worms Figure out you're just better off Spreading out your mental germs AKA memes When you flip these it's like microchips exploding All MCs be holding what they got which be they reality That's what keeps smolderin' This here is tradition listen I"m gonna catch you in the bend We all gonna lead on Like we all was Buddy Bolden Say Ra How'd you Like to Hustle down to Boogaloo Station Revive that old vibe Old time love song Ripple on... I catch flows like endos on Diamondbacks Think so hard that my brain shoots smack Just to keep it, easy, and all other MCs get on my shit like they toe jammin' Don't even understand I'm like the hangnail that never goes stale Keep it all together while you all just fucked up from Jheri Curl gel Up in your eye Trying to strive some shit but Yeah, why don't you just stop and try a little Peace
From Now On 06:17
For every second of Every minute of Every hour of Every day of My life, I stayed plugged And away from fake thugs Celebrate make love Y'all stay up My people rise we immune to the evil eye We in the times when mosquito bites make people die Birds falling out the sky from the pesticides Niggas survive with no time for the wonder why Get high, get fly, get wonderful Rock earth tones, language is colorful Walking light with the big sticks through the night Find a beautiful life through usual strife We throw change-ups Now it's time to switch the game up Brooklyn lick-shot Let the heaters spit the flame up Mentioning those who came up Always bringing Kweli name up We off the hook Them other cats got hang ups (Chorus) We came from forty acres and a cheap mule None of what we do Is smoke blunts, drink forties, get paper and keep to Crews carry out justice with street rules Take what they need to, pay deep dues to heat fuels Murder machines, designer jeans we bleed through The weak fools in the elite few are see-through You peep who fake if your eyes are keen to reality You see who cling to the mind state of fallacy They can't face the tragedy of spiritual depravity They see the situation but they don't know the gravity I mastered the response by following the calling The light shining behind me casting shadows on the fallen Four, every second of, the night we wrecking clubs Get the people's hands up above Get respect and love worldwide International, son of the black national And pan-african back again over soul beats Hold heat like the sunshine Keep beef for one time No peace ever since justice become blind That bitch act like she can't see what we been through I bitch-slap mics, raise my voice and continue like that Yes we rock it like that, that, that We gonna continue like that, that Like that, that Like that, that That, that, that, that (Chorus) Rocking and shocking the house YoungBlood brass band Hot and we knocking 'em out Kweli from Brooklyn and we Drop from the top to the south So what now? Showing you all what it's all about In the language of those who blast before they talk it out In the language of those who blast before they talk it out In the language of those who blast before they talk it out In the language of those who blast before they talk it out
Chinatown 05:57


released January 1, 2000

Youngblood Brass Band as appears here:
Nat McIntosh - Sousaphone
David Henzie-Skogen - Snare/Percussion/Vocals
Moses Patrou - Bass Drum/Percussion
Joe Goltz - Trombone
Ben McIntosh - Trombone
Carl Bartsch - Tenor Saxophone
Mike Boman - Trumpet
Charley Wagner - Trumpet
Josh Smith - Trumpet

DJ Skooly - #2, #9
Ike Willis - #4
Mike Ladd - #8
Talib Kweli - #11

Recorded and Mixed at Smart Studios (RIP) in Madison, WI by Travis Kasperbauer, with assistance from Dave Kellogg (Curve Studios, Minneapolis, MN). Mastered by VASSOS at Ozone Entertainment NYC.

Art/Design by Scott Pauli (artandsons.com).

Copyright 2000 Layered Music.


all rights reserved



Youngblood Brass Band Madison, Wisconsin

Original riot jazz crew, wrecking stages everywhere all the time since 1997. New EP 'Pax Instrumentals’ out now. Members are available for online lessons, commissions, arrangements, and custom studio work as well. Thanks for listening.

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